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We are proud to have Emily from Evolve Aesthetics as a part of the team

Emily provides a comprehensive Cosmetic Injectable service, beginning with a complimentary Initial Facial Assessment. We work with you to plan your aesthetic goals and achieve them using expert knowledge, an artistic eye, and the highest quality premium injectable products best suited to your needs. We know that looking your best makes you feel your best. You will naturally project this outwardly, which improves your confidence, self-esteem, and wellbeing.

Achieving your aesthetic
and medical goals

Within your budget and with Emily’s Expert Guidance every step of the way

Emily performs advanced PDO Threading, injectable LipoDissolve (fat dissolve), and medical treatments using Botulinum Toxin. These include treatment for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating to underarms or palms), tension headaches, Masseter slimming injections to treat Bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching), and nasal spray treatment for Hay Fever.


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Constant movement of our facial muscles cause dynamic lines. Over time, these lines become static, or etched lines. Anti Wrinkle treatments are used to soften or prevent line formation. The naturally occurring protein Botulinum Toxin is purified for clinical use and injected in to the muscle inhibiting movement. Anti Wrinkle injections are a quick, simple non-surgical cosmetic treatment of prescription-only medication administered by a registered and experienced medical injector.


  • One area (Medical) $225
  • Two Areas (Medical) $425
  • Three Areas (Medical) $535
  • Mini Area $99

    Lip flip, brow lift, gummy smile, dimpled chin

  • Bruxism (Medical) $575

    Teeth grinding and jaw clenching


As we age, we lose volume, fat, bone and collagen in the face. This leads to hollows, wrinkles and facial ‘flattening’ . This process begins in our late 20’s! Dermal Fillers can be used in almost any area of the face to restore and revolumise skin and facial contours to form a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Dermal Fillers are a gel-like cross linked synthetic material made from Hyaluronic Acid, a natural component of our own skin. Facial Rejuvenation treats deep, static lines.


  • Fat dissolve double chin $645
  • Cheek Enhancement 1-2ml – Price varies
  • Cheek Enhancement 2ml Package $949

  • Advanced dermal filler $595

    Tear trough, jawline, temple hollowing using canula

  • Bruxism (Medical) $575

    Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

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Lips really are the Superstar of the face. Dermal Fillers can be used to enhance and augment the shape and size of lips or correct asymmetries. Lips, like the rest of the face, lose volume over time. Restoring this volume leads to a lush and youthful appearance of the mid face. Lip enhancement should be proportionate, with upper and lower lips balanced and harmonious, appearing naturally full without over-inflation.


  • Lip Enhancement 0.5ml $285
  • Lip Enhancement 1ml $525

Thread lifts, ‘threading’ or ‘PDO threads’ have become a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift for patients who are not ready to undergo more invasive surgical treatment options.

Although the effects from a thread lift will be approximately 18 months in duration and not as dramatic as a surgical facelift, improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be seen both immediately and gradually as the procedure stimulates natural collagen production. PDO sutures are a type of material used for thread lifts. PDO, which stands for polydioxanone, is a long-lasting, absorbable polymer that is flexible and durable.

PDO thread lifts come in a variety of textures. At Evolve Aesthetics, we use three main textures of PDO sutures: MONO, Cog/Barbed/Suspension threads, and Double Screw threads.


  • PDO Thread pricing varies

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