FOR A basic tidy up or the absolute works

We pride ourselves in being specialists at advanced brows services and have so many different services on offer to suit every client’s individual needs.

Whilst we absolutely love the results from our cosmetic tattooing, we understand that this service is not for everyone and love that we can still offer advanced services to get a similar less permanent results for our clients.


At You Little Beauty we specialise in facial hair removal with both threading and waxing. What is Threading you ask? Threading is an old Indian technique where we use a twisted thread to remove the hair from the follicle. It is super gentle on the skin, is very precise and generally creates a more defined look.

Hair does not have to be quite as long for us to be able to remove with threading in comparison to waxing so it is a great alternative for clients who hate waiting for that hair to be long enough to wax. Pimples on your lip after waxing? No worries, most of our clients see this little downfall after waxing absolutely disappear following threading as we are not actually applying a product to the skin that can cause irritation.

Along with our basic tidy and tint services, we are thrilled to be able to offer some more advanced services for our brow babes.



Our Signature Designer Brow service includes a full consultation and brow map with our brow specialists. After we have discussed the result you are hoping to achieve you will receive a full brow sculpt.  Followed by tinting, tweezing, trimming and sculpting with You Little Beauty specialty brow products. It’s time to throw those tweezers away and let us do the hard work for you. You can even easily upgrade your designer brows to threading instead of waxing for just a small fee.



Our advanced hybrid brow service includes all the amazing inclusions of our “designer brows” service, with the addition of a Hybrid brow dye instead of standard tint. Brow dye is designed to last longer on the skin than regular tinting to get a longer lasting shape.  It really does give you the look of an ombre brow tattoo so it is an amazing transitional service for those wanting to get an idea of what their ombre brow tattoo could look like.  Don’t forget for just a small fee, you can also upgrade to threading instead of waxing for any of our brow services.



Our signature brow lamination service includes our specialised brow hair lift, followed by a brow sculpt using your choice of waxing or threading, with tweezing and trimming to finish. Your beautiful brows will then be completed with a brow tint or dye and sculpting with You Little Beauty specialty brow products.  So, what is a lamination you ask? Lamination is where we lift the brow hairs from the root to make the brows sit in a more upwards direction.  Lamination helps to create the illusion of a fuller brow and whilst it definitely creates a fluffier less defined look than our other brow services, it helps to tame those unruly brows by locking their direction in to place.


Scalp Massage

It is so easy to add on some Luxe services to your brow experience with us.
Simply add on this Scalp Massage for a luxurious relaxing finish to any brow services.

Jelly Mask
Our beautiful Jelly Masks can be added on to any of our brow services to be applied after threading or waxing to calm the skin and infuse extra hydration and nutrients. Not only is it super relaxing but it helps to take away that post wax red glow.
Warning:  Our Jelly Masks are super addictive.