You Little Beauty is a boutique clinic owned and operated by Marika Bucknall. We specialise in delivering results-driven skin treatments, cosmetic tattooing and injectables as well as advanced brows and lashes training.

At You Little Beauty we pride ourselves on providing results driven skin treatments with incredible wellness element built in to every treatment to ensure you not only get the results, but also the self-care elements you love and need.

We curate a carefully personalised experience for you and your skin to individually address any concerns to get you the best results possible. Our innovative skin treatments are where wellness, self-care and results meet.

We love working with you to improve your skin health and confidence and can’t wait to help you on your skin journey.


Creating a unique and memorable experience for you and everyone who walks through the door.

We also specialise in Brow Tattooing, Injectables, Brow sculpting, and many other beauty treatments. Please visit our full treatment menu to see all the incredible treatments we offer.

With extensive experience and qualifications behind us, we have researched quality results driven treatments and high quality products to ensure we give you the highest level of service and comfort.

We are Ballarat’s Premier destination for results driven skin treatments, Cosmetic tattooing and Dermalogica Skincare.



I’m Marika and I am the owner, founder and director of You Little Beauty in Ballarat.

I grew up in the industry with my Mum and Nan having both owned and operated their own beauty salon for 65 years collectively. It was no surprise after watching my mum work every day after school that I would want to be just like her and followed in her footsteps opening my own salon You Little Beauty, which I have owned and operated for over 10 years.

Before getting into the Beauty industry, believe it or not I studied Interior Design at Uni. I was working in the industry and wasn’t really enjoying it so decided to jump into a nail course which I loved. From there I spent quite a number of years completing multiple beauty qualifications before opening You Little Beauty in 2012.

I found my true passion in 2014 when I completed my first cosmetic tattoo course and have since completed 9 permanent makeup qualifications. I am addicted to learning new techniques to ensure I am the best possible artist that I can be for you and have recently decided to focus solely on PMU and Lash training.

I am down to earth, love a chat and have a love for making people happy. I am a self proclaimed Eyebrow queen and can honestly say that I LOVE my job. When I am not working hard creating amazing eyebrows I am a mum to one adorable and very cheeky toddler and wife to a live away for work husband.

After being bullied at multiple jobs within the industry, I knew it was my true passion to create a space that was inclusive, supportive and that has an incredible environment for you as well as for my team.


I am always looking for innovative ways to give you the best results and experience possible.

I strive every day to be the best possible leader I can be and to make You Little Beauty better.

I love that I have been able to create a space that is warm, and welcoming for you and for my team. I am very proud of what I have built here at You Little Beauty.

I know and understand the pressures of life and the importance of self-care for women, particularly mums. This is why I endeavour to create a supportive and encouraging environment where my beautiful team can work with you to fill your cup. We aim to ensure you leave YLB feeling as beautiful as we know you are.

Whilst Brows is my passion, my incredible team have a true passion for results driven skin treatments which collectively makes us a force to be reckoned with. I hope you enjoy finding out more about You Little Beauty and what we offer and I look forward to welcoming you in to the clinic one day soon to show you the YLB difference that we have created specifically with you in mind.


Marika Bucknall

Owner and Director


A compassionate and highly skilled beauty therapist who is dedicated to providing exceptional skin treatments and holistic wellness solutions.

With a diploma in Beauty Therapy and a deep passion for results-driven treatments, she has established herself as a trusted professional in the industry.

Originally from rural Victoria, Georgia brings a unique blend of kindness with her quiet demeanour and gentle nature which creates a welcoming environment and beautiful experience for her clients.

Georgia’s true passion lies in results-driven treatments that promote overall well-being. She believes in the power of a holistic approach to skin and loves to incorporate wellness practices into her treatments. Her commitment to ongoing education ensures that she provides the most effective and innovative solutions to her clients.

Georgia has a warm and compassionate approach and her clients appreciate her genuine care and attention to details as well as the peaceful and nurturing atmosphere she creates.

Hanging out with her fiancé Jye and her family and friends is something Georgia loves doing outside of work. It may surprise people to know she also loves spending time camping and 4 wheel driving.

With her passion for results-driven treatments, dedication to wellness, and genuine kindness, Georgia is committed to helping her clients achieve their skin goals while nurturing their overall well-being.


Georgie is a vivacious and talented beauty therapist. Her infectious bubbly personality brings joy and warmth to every client she meets.

With her expertise in results-driven skin treatments, Georgie is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their desired skincare goals. Georgie’s favourite treatment method is utilising LED light technology. With a deep understanding of its benefits Georgie loves that LED is not only a relaxing treatment but can treat a wide range of skin concerns.

Throughout her years in the beauty industry she has fallen more and more in love with skin, its biology and function. Georgie understands that not all skincare cares for your skin and there is so much miss information out there and she loves to empower her clients with incredible knowledge so that they can get the results they deserve. Georgie has a love for seeing her clients and their results by giving them the right information and homecare to help them produce healthy glowing skin.

Outside of her professional life, Georgie embraces a diverse range of hobbies including gardening, knitting, sewing and painting (the list goes on). Georgie loves moving her body and you will frequently find her at the gym, pilates or going for a walk in the great outdoors.
Georgie’s genuine enthusiasm for life shines through in everything she does. Her dedication to skincare, combined with her vibrant personality and diverse hobbies, make her a well-rounded and cherished asset to the YLB team. With Georgie, you can be sure to receive exceptional care, tailored treatments, and a smile that brightens your day.


a dedicated and highly skilled beauty therapist With a heart full of passion. Elana adores all aspects of beauty treatments, but her true love lies in the transformative magic of lash lifts and the artistry of perfecting brows.

Elana has a diploma qualification that speaks volumes about her commitment to her craft. Her clients often find solace in Elana’s treatment room, not just for the exceptional services she offers, but for the genuine connection she establishes. Elana thrives on being an actual therapist for people.

Beyond the beauty treatments, she takes the time to chat, to understand, and to create an atmosphere where her clients feel heard and understood. Her warm and engaging personality makes each session not just a beauty appointment but a self care necessity.

Outside the clinic, Elana finds joy in spending time with her family. The bonds she shares with her loved ones are a testament to her nurturing nature, a quality that undoubtedly extends to her professional relationships as well.


Jacque is a highly skilled and dedicated beauty therapist with a passion for providing exceptional skin treatments.

With a diploma in Beauty Therapy, Jacque has honed her expertise in various areas of the field. Her true passion lies in results-driven treatments that empower her clients to look and feel their best

Specialising in advanced skin treatments Jacque has become proficient in cutting-edge treatments such as skin needling and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin rejuvenation.

Jacque is currently studying her Bachelor or Nursing and hopes to one day add Cosmetic Injectables into her ever expanding skill set.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Jacque loves spending time with her husband Tom and dog Blue, and loves baking.

Jacque is a Secret book worm and her clients and colleagues would describe her as a bit of a Nerd as she loves to research technical aspects of skin to find out all the tiny little details.

With a perfect blend of technical expertise, a results-oriented approach, and a genuine passion for helping others, Jacque is committed to empowering her clients and helping them achieve their skin goals.