lip tattoo

Take your lips to the next level

You can now wake up with beautifully shaped lips in a stunning colour 24/7.  Are you sick of wearing lipstick every day that just wears off or makes your lips dry and cracked? Have you lost definition in your lip line that makes your lips look thin and flat?  Do you love that look of a natural blushed lip but get sick of constantly applying lipstick or gloss to achieve it?

Cosmetic lip tattooing is the solution for you.  Lip tattooing is fast growing in popularity and the perfect way to get that more defined look without having to go down the road of cosmetic injectables.

Samples of our work


After filling out your medical history forms we discuss the result you are hoping to achieve with your lips.  Once we have a clear understanding of colour we will show you examples of colours on your lips.  Once the colour has been determined the drawing process begins.  This is the most important part of the process so please be patient.  Some lips take longer than others to get the perfect shape.  A cosmetic tattoo machine is then used to implant the pigment.  Every lip is different so we recommend allowing 2 hours for the procedure.  

Results may vary depending on the client’s exposure to sun and their resistance to pigment, but the pigment will fade during the healing process anywhere from 50-80% in the healing process. Immediately after the procedure your lips will appear very dark/bright and a lot more colour than the desired healed result, they can also continue to darken the following day.



After care product is given to you on the day of the appointment which you will need to use for 5-7 days.  Your lips will get extremely flaky, scabby and dry.  It is recommended to have your lips done when you will not be as concerned about this as you will not be allowed to pull the scabbing/flakiness off until it is ready to naturally fall off.  Please do not have this procedure done a week before a big event or holiday.  Your lips will heal in 5 days with all scabbing dropping off within this time.  The colour of your lips will then continue to develop over the next 6 weeks.  6 weeks later you will have a touchup appointment to perfect the colour and deposit more pigment to even out the lip colour and add more longevity.  Touchups are then recommended every 12months – 2 years to keep your lips looking full and fresh.



Initial Tattoo $650 
6 to 8 week touch up required – $150 

Additional Touch Up $90
– within 6-8 weeks of touch up if required

Touch ups (6 – 19 months) – $300

Touch ups (18 months – 2 years) – $500

Anything over 3 years is considered an Initial Tattoo

The consultation is not required prior to your lip tattoo as we go through everything in your tattoo appointment however a separate $70 consultation is optional if you prefer to talk about your lips prior to your appointment. Please carefully read the pre-care you will receive before your appointment and ensure you don’t have any contraindications before arriving at your appointment.



A $100 booking fee is required upon booking, which is non refundable for any no show or cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment. The remainder is required on the day of your service. Price includes a complimentary touch up session within 6-8 weeks of initial procedure with any amendments of colour or shape changes to be made at this appointment. This ensures your lips are absolutely perfect and both you and your therapist are happy with the result.