If you're an aspiring eyelash technician or beauty therapist and dream of receiving the very best training in order to excel in your career then the You Little Beauty Academy is the place for you.

I originally obtained my Eyelash Extension qualification through another institute but found that I wasn’t enjoying lashing and couldn’t get the hang of any of the techniques.

I was deflated about spending time and money on a course that I didn’t feel was right for me because I felt like I wasn’t trained in a way that suited me individually – until You Little Beauty popped up on my radar.

I thank my lucky stars every day for meeting Marika. From the very first moment I met Marika I felt at ease and comfortable. I never once felt like I was a burden for not being able to get the hang of particular lashing techniques. Instead of continuing to pursue lost causes Marika found different ways to teach me. Ways that worked for me. She never once got frustrated or impatient.

Only ever supportive and creative. I have been lashing for over a year now and I truly believe that if it weren’t for Marika, I would have given up.


I feel so supported by Marika and the YLB Academy both professionally and personally and love that I have ongoing support.



Marika is incredibly thorough with her training as well as extremely skilled not only within the beauty industry but also in how to train different people in ways that are suitable for that individual. Nothing is too much trouble for Marika and she will do everything she can to ensure that upon the completion of your course, you are 110% confident in your work and your ability to build a special relationship with your clients. I have learnt so much from Marika; not only about being an outstanding lash tech, but also about who I am, the kind of people I want to surround myself with and the kind of workplaces that I want to be a special part of. Marika made my dream of working happily and in a beautiful salon come true and I could not be more grateful for the things that I have learnt.

Kyah Waters


I feel so supported by Marika and the YLB Academy both professionally and personally and love that I have ongoing support.

When I joined the beauty industry almost 5 years ago as a nail technician i never thought I’d be capable of doing eyelash extensions. I couldn’t have found a better trainer than Marika. I found learning classic and volume lashes quite daunting and Marika was very patient and encouraging during my training and she helped build my confidence. I have now been doing lashes for 4 years and have built up a regular clientele in a beautiful salon. I highly recommend Marika for your lash training as she will give you all the tools you need to create beautiful lashes and to cater to individual specific needs.

Tania McGeary


I had done prior training that left me feeling unsure and unconfident in the art of lash extensions. I absolutely loved my training with Marika and at the completion of my training felt so much more confident in my abilities and understanding of lash extensions.



I was trained by Marika from You Little Beauty in classic eyelash extensions 8 years ago. After my training, I worked for Marika at You Little Beauty and through the skills she taught me not just in lashes but in client management and business building I was able to build a large and loyal clientele. When I shifted interstate I then opened my own home business which rapidly grew due to the skills I was taught by Marika. I cannot recommend Marika and You Little Beauty Academy highly enough for training of Eyelash extensions. I loved that when you train with Marika she is able to adapt her training techniques to suit your different way of learning and she is so kind and patient in her training. She has a way of making you feel instantly confident and at ease. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be trained at You Little Beauty Academy.

Gemma Breen


Having no experience in the industry I was very nervous about my training but soon realised that with Marika’s welcoming nature and thorough training as well as her passion for lash extensions, that previous experience was not necessary.

I completed my training at You Little Beauty with Marika over 6 years ago. I had no prior beauty training, but decided it was time for a career change. At the completion of my course I felt so confident in my new skills and felt ready to begin working in the industry right away. I had ongoing support from Marika whenever I needed it after my training and even worked for her at You Little Beauty for a short time before shifting to Melbourne and working from home. The training I received at You Little Beauty Academy taught me how to successfully run my own business and make an extra income even with kids at home. Marika is such a passionate trainer and the course has been laid out to be so detailed and informative making sure you feel confident in the skills you have learnt once training has finished. I can’t recommend You Little Beauty Academy highly enough.



Marika is a fantastic teacher and talented beauty therapist, she was patient, kind, understanding and encouraging.



I had the pleasure of being trained by Marika at You Little Beauty Academy. Marika taught me how apply a full set of eyelash extensions as well as preforming refills for clients.  She made available all the tools and training equipment I needed to build the skills and confidence needed to apply eyelash extensions.

Elysa Van Haeran