gel nails

Beautiful Nails

At You Little Beauty our highly trained staff specialise in Gel Nails.

Whether you prefer your nails simple and short or glamorous and long, gel application is suitable for you.

Gel can be applied over your natural nail as an overlay, or extensions can be applied to create beautiful long nails.

Gel is designed to last 3-4 weeks before needing to be refilled by our salon professionals.

Samples of our work

Gel is the product of choice at You Little Beauty due to the more natural look and feel.  Our nails have a lot more flexibility than acrylic nail extensions, have no odour, and needing less filing to the natural nail plate causes less damage.

Gel nails are artificial nails which have an extremely realistic look, they are thin, flexible and non yellowing.  With no exposure to harsh chemicals or smells it is perfect for those wishing to safely add length and durability to their natural nails

At You Little Beauty, we have a large range of Gel colours that ensure you can have beautiful chip, and smudge proof nails.  The days of waiting for polish to dry are over.

Whether you want plain colour, french or some beautiful nail art, You Little Beauty is the place for you.

Nail Art: $1 extra per nail