feather touch eyebrows

Take your brows to the next level

You can now wake up with beautiful eyebrows 24/7.  If your brows have been over plucked or have gaps maybe you want a completely new shape, then Feather-touch brow tattoo is the answer.

Feather touch brow tattoo embroidery is a semi-permanent tattoo technique now replacing the old block tattoo technique. Fine strokes are penetrated into the skin for a hair-like finish. The appearance is completely natural looking and blends with or without hair along the brow bone.


We get it, it can be super daunting thinking about having your brows tattooed and not knowing who to trust.  Our advanced Brow Tattooist Marika has completed many years of training to master the art of microblading and is an absolute perfectionist.  So you can rest assured that she will ensure you are comfortable with your brow shape and design before starting the procedure.  You will have lots of time for discussion about what you are hoping to achieve to ensure we can get the perfect outcome for you.  During your initial tattoo your brows are measured, shaped are drawn to ensure symmetry.  Once you have approved the design, a small metal hand tool with fine needles is then used to create fine hairline strokes into the skin. A hypo-allergenic iron oxide pigment is then implanted into the skin which will generally last between 6 months-2 years.  Results may vary depending on the client’s exposure to sun and their resistance to pigment.

You will be required to pre-numb before but appointment which will help with any discomfort that you may feel.  Microblading does start darker when initial done to allow for 30-50% fade off during the healing process.  The strokes start sharp to begin with and once healed blend in beautifully to the natural hair.  After care product is recommended for daily use for 5-7 days after the procedure.  Touchups are recommended every 6 months – 2 years to keep your eyebrows looking full and fresh.

It is important to understand with all cosmetic Tattooing that touch ups are always required.  Failure to touchup your tattoo will result in faded, unfavourable results over time.  As your tattoo fades it will change colour so touch ups are required to keep your brows looking fresh and realistic.  After your tattoo we recommend 6 weekly maintenance sculpting (wax or thread) to keep your brow shape looking amazing.    


Initial Consultation $70 (Taken off the cost of initial tattoo)

Tattoo $650

Required touch-up within 6-8 weeks – $150 

Additional Touch up – $95 (within 6-8 weeks of touch up if required)

Touch ups (within 6 months) – $250 

Touch ups (within 12 months) – $350 

Touch ups (Within 2 years) – $500 

Conversion from feather touch to Ombre – $650  (For existing clients only, 6 week touch up included)

Anything over 2 years as classified as an initial tattoo 

NB:  $100 booking fee is required for all tattoo appointments which is non refundable for any no show or cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment.  The remainder is required on the day of your service.  All touch up pricing refers to touch ups on tattoos initially performed at YLB.  All work on tattoos performed by another artist will be classified as an initial tattoo.  Some payment options are available.  All pricing is subject to change without warning. 



Cosmetic tattooing will save you time and frustration. Your brows look great twenty four hours a day and there is no need to draw your eyebrows on anymore. You can swim, sleep, perspire, have a sauna, play sport, wash your hair and it still look great.  Feather touch eyebrows can enhance your own beautiful brows or create an entire new shape.


People who:

  • Have over-plucked their eyebrow hair
  • Have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back
  • Are suffering from Alopecia (hair loss), weak or light hair
  • Want a particular shape for their eyebrows


At You Little Beauty we use disposable needles and sterilisation of equipment as required. Your therapist has done extensive training not just in creating beautiful brows, but in the measures required to provide you with a safe and comfortable procedure.  After you leave the salon the responsibility becomes yours to follow the exact aftercare you have been recommended to avoid infection and difficulties in healing.


We use quality pigment lotions based in iron oxide, a safe non-reactive substance. The pigment lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin. Pigment lotions are inorganic (meaning they are semi-permanent). A powder is suspended into a solution of distilled water and glycerine, which results in a smooth creamy liquid.


Immediately after the treatment the colour will appear stronger and darker for the first 7-14 days. After that, you can lose approximately 30-50% of colour during the healing process within 7-14 days.  Clients are recommended to wait for at least 6-8 weeks before their follow up appointment to be able to fully see the colour their eyebrows will be.  You can then decide if you are happy with the colour or if you are going to require any adjustments.


The majority of people don’t need to take time off work. There is usually no swelling with the eyebrow treatments but this can vary from person to person depending on levels of sensitivity.  If swelling or redness does occur we recommend applying a cold compress to sooth the area.  After care products must also be used to keep the area moist to help with heeling.


YouR therapist will give you clear after care instructions on the day of your procedure.  You must avoid washing the area in the first 24 hours.  No Soap, cleansers or makeup on the area for 3 weeks.  We recommend no exfoliants be used on the area and you must  avoid swimming pools, the beach, steam rooms and saunas during the healing process (7-14 days).  Apply after-care products recommended by us.  Failure to follow correct aftercare given to you by your therapist may result in poor healed results.  It is important to understand that whilst this is a tattoo (pigment is being deposited under the skin) it is not deposited the same way as a traditional tattoo so  different pre and post care is required.  


As your brows heal, it is normal to lose a certain amount of pigment during the healing process as the pigment is deposited very shallow.  A touch up is required to touch up any areas where the pigment may have faded too much or to touch up anywhere the pigment may have dropped out of.  We also start very conservative with our colour choice as everyone fades at a different rate so some clients may need to have a dark colour deposited to create the desired result.